Car heater review : Cadet electric baseboard heater.

Car Heater Review

car heater review

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Toyota "Fire and Ice Hilux"

Toyota "Fire and Ice Hilux"

The specially prepared HiLux Diesel was equipped with an auxillary heaters for coolant, and fuel supply, custom air intake and exhaust system in prep to become the first car to be navigated and driven 360 nautical miles across the deep frozen Arctic Ocean to the Magnetic North Pole.
NRMA Drivers Seat

Road Testing Australia's Motoring History

Road Testing Australia's Motoring History

“It doesn’t have any of the luxuries of today’s cars not even seat belts or a heater but this is where Australian production started and I am proud to have had the opportunity to test this vehicle” - Tim Pomroy - NRMA Drivers Seat

car heater review

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