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Buy Kerosene Heaters

buy kerosene heaters

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Hey, al! Just a quick update on my photography situation.

I want to say first that not taking any pictures for almost half a year is torture. I was going through some “meh” periods before, but this draught of photo-less-ness has given me a real thirst for taking pictures.

I’ve recently gotten a job, and once I get some immediate expenses taken care of, I’m aiming to buy a lens for my D40. If nothing unexpected comes up (my computer dies for instance or the dollar collapses) I should be shooting again sometime this Summer.

I would like to ask if anyone knows of a place online they would trust to buy used lenses from. I’m not too picky about buying new ones right now, I just need some glass period.

Thanks, everyone!

Okay, about this photo. This was taken back at a Redner’s gas station. Redner’s is a local chain of grocery stores and gas stations. If I remember correctly, I was down here with my father and brother to buy some kerosene for our heater. We later regretted it, we found out they dye their kerosene here, which is not good for our heater. Live and learn.

icestorm 14

icestorm 14

12.16 - Kerri calls the Unitil Power Company, who promise that power will be restored today, as the overnight repairs took longer than anticipated. The house was bought some time with a full day of warm weather, but the cold returns with a day under 40°. The kerosene heater and a few candles are lit again.

buy kerosene heaters

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