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Process Radiant Heaters

process radiant heaters

    radiant heaters
  • (Radiant heater) Thermal radiation is electromagnetic radiation emitted from a material which is due to the heat of the material, the characteristics of which depend on its temperature.

  • (Radiant Heater) Radiant heaters provide quiet directional heat. The heating element emits infrared heat that travels through the air to heat objects directly. Radiant heaters are best suited to spot heating objects in open or enclosed spaces.

  • A systematic series of mechanized or chemical operations that are performed in order to produce or manufacture something

  • (psychology) the performance of some composite cognitive activity; an operation that affects mental contents; "the process of thinking"; "the cognitive operation of remembering"

  • A natural or involuntary series of changes

  • procedure: a particular course of action intended to achieve a result; "the procedure of obtaining a driver's license"; "it was a process of trial and error"

  • subject to a process or treatment, with the aim of readying for some purpose, improving, or remedying a condition; "process cheese"; "process hair"; "treat the water so it can be drunk"; "treat the lawn with chemicals" ; "treat an oil spill"

  • A series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end

process of cumulative aggregation of grammatic fractals and tetrakys

process of cumulative aggregation of grammatic fractals and  tetrakys

process of cumulative aggregation of grammatic fractals and tetrakys

the one and one become joined into a higher order unit and then the higher order units become joined again in a fractal process that can be modelled along the lines of tetrakys

I have an update to make to this: although the fractal base is accurate, I am proceeding in this model in OCTAVES.

To get 'tetrakys' model, one must proceed by units (1+1 goes to 2 + 1 goes to 3 plus 1 goes to 4 which, with a very interesting null at the top of the pyramid (for those familiar with W D Gann etc.) gives cumalative sums of null, 2, 5, 9 (and note that 9 is the root of the Pythagorean geomatria system, indeed circa 500BC, it's unlikely they knew of 'zero' as a numerical concept (although they certainly knew of null as in no thing as root of all thing).
As a footnote, proceeding by octave gets very fast results - but using the 0,2,3,4 approach allows for far more creative flexibilty and variants on any given basic theme (this might appear all 'Greek' at present - but watch the trhead on Grammatical GA's & it will begin to make sense in eventually).

I will draw the new diagram up next week sometime..

Process 4.5

Process 4.5

Process 4.5 is the first in a series of special edition Process publications. Printed in only black on lighweight 70gsm Bond, Process 4.5 purposely contrasts the usual high production qualities of the quarterly journal, as well acting as a platoform to experiment with different formats and production techniques. The publication's content is a reflection and retrospective of the first four editions of Process Journal. Consisting of three major parts, the first a comprehensive essay written by typographer and design-lecturer Brad Haylock. The second a typographic analysis of each of the typefaces featured in editions one to four, including type samples and specimens. And finally, we asked a selection of contributors from editions one to four the simple question: ‘what is your process’. Including responses from Brett Phillips (3 Deep Design), Michael C. Place (Build), Mason Wells (Bibliotheque), Tom Crabtree (Manual) and Tony Brook (Spin).

process radiant heaters

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